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Diabetes and the Eye

Do you have diabetes? If so, the prevention of diabetes-related eye diseases should be a priority for you. Diabetes is a disease characterized by high blood glucose. When you have this disease, your body either does not produce or respond to insulin that delivers blood sugar or glucose to your body cells.

Common Signs of Vision Problems in Children

The eyes play a significant role in how your child develops. They impact how they view every aspect of their life, including socialization and learning. Specialists recommend that the first eye exams of a developing infant should happen by the time they reach three years old.

Am I a Candidate for Neurolens?

If you are like many Americans, you spend at least nine hours a day on a digital device. It is the new normal, the new way of life, as technology continues to take a prominent role in our lives. Despite all the advantages of evolving technology, digital use also comes with its own set of disadvantages. Most of them are issues concerning eye health. If you have headaches, painful shoulders and neck, and bouts of dizziness after a day at work, you are reaping the cons of the digital lifestyle. Several strategies are available to help you cope with these symptoms. However, there is one that may help you eliminate all the symptoms: Neurolens.

Symptoms of Dry Eye Vs. Seasonal Allergies

If you have some eye discomfort, you may have dry eye or seasonal allergies. Eye doctors thought the two were the same for a long time, but studies have shown the two conditions differ slightly. Their symptoms are pretty similar, but their causes are not. Despite these differences, you may develop dry eye from seasonal allergies. 

Does My Child Have Attention Deficit, or Could It Be a Vision Problem?

Studies have found that some vision issues are more common in children who have ADD/ADHD.  Moreover, some vision disorders may mimic the symptoms of ADD/ADHD, which may lead to misdiagnosis. Some children are on ADD/ADHD drugs when all they have is a vision problem that can be corrected and improve their visual function and visual attention.

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