Studies show that 30% of people have binocular vision disorders that interfere with daily functioning. The Right Eyeidentifies vision tracking impairments that impact reading, learning, and work productivity.

Dynamic Module allows your doctor to quickly and objectively identify previously unknown binocular vision issues and oculomotor dysfunction in real-time. A patient-friendly report with eye movement illustrations and video playback provides a thorough analysis of oculomotor deficiency so solutions can be identified and implemented in a timely manner to provide effectively.

The reading Skills Module was designed to assess and illustrate real-time eye movements used while reading. It quantifies reading metrics and provides age-level comparisons.

The Right Eye Reading Report Measures:

  • Reading rate

  • Reading comprehension

  • Blink rate

  • Fixations/100 words

  • Average words read per minute

  • Regressions

  • Return sweeps

  • Grade level equivalent


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