If you're struggling with eye fatigue at the end of the day, or you're finding that dry eye, headaches, neck pain, and dizziness are becoming unwelcome parts of your life, Rieger Eyecare Group may have the answer you need. We offer neurolens, which is a new treatment designed to correct the misalignment of your eyes. If you're in the Normal or Bloomington area and in need of professional care for your eye-related issue, our optometry team is here to help.

​​​​​​​What Is Neurolens?

Neurolens is a revolutionary new type of lens. It's specifically designed to correct misalignment of the eyes. Even if you don't notice any obvious level of misalignment in your eyes, you may find that you're not seeing as well as you should. You could also find that your eyes are feeling tired a lot, or you're not sure why you're experiencing other types of pain and discomfort. While it's not always related to misalignment of the eyes, that's one of the potential causes you want to explore and address.

What Problems Does Eye Misalignment Cause?

The misalignment of the eyes can cause all different types of problems with vision. It can also lead to your eyes feeling very dry and fatigued, especially at the end of the day. You may also feel dizzy, and you could experience a lot of headaches and pain in your neck. Most people don't realize that these conditions can be caused by eye strain.

Does Neurolens Work for Everyone?

93% of people who use neurolens see a massive improvement. They respond to the changes positively and report less pain, dizziness, and discomfort. This helps patients get back to work, do more things that interest them, focus on their hobbies, and improve their overall quality of life. If you're interested in finding out more about neurolens and other eye care options that may help you, it's worth exploring the opportunities you may have to lessen pain and improve your quality of life.

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If you're in the Bloomington area and want to learn more about how neurolenses can benefit you, Rieger Eyecare Group is here to help. We can give you the information you're looking for, so you can fully understand the choices available to you at our clinic. We'll help you discover whether neurolenses are the right option for your needs and whether they may help you correct any eye misalignment you're experiencing for improved vision and eye health.

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