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Everyone was so kind and understanding made me feel so at home and welcome. Your my eye care specialists from now one!

Peg Stark

My son is nine and very shy.The staff was very friendly and took their time with him. They never pressured him to answer quickly and gave him all the time he needed. By the end of the hour exam he was feeling way more comfortable and did great! I would highly recommend.

Lisa Carey

Always treated with great care. Explanations easy to understand during all testing. After 50 year of many doctors I feel like my eyes are the main concern....not making money and out the door.​​​​​​​

James Ulavege

Amazing variety of shapes and colors of frames. Check Specs out before you purchase eyeglasses elsewhere. It will be well worth your time and it does not cost anything to look!

Wanda Hugley

I was very pleased with appointment. I was given alot of information about my granddaughter's vision and what we need to do to correct the issues she has.

Shannon Hays

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